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Join us in enriching communities through connections and promoting a Singapore brand of music to overseas markets today.
Thank you for supporting The Straits Ensemble. We aim to deepen intercultural understanding through Teaching Artistry and navigate the Singapore Sound by the commission, presentation and the promotion of new work.

Your gift today will help us cultivate the next generation of Singapore artistes and arts literacy in the community through education and outreach programmes.
Your gift will aid in the following:


  1. Help The Straits Ensemble to increase audiences, as well as the understanding and appreciation of Singapore-based transcultural/world music. 

  2. Give more opportunities through workshops and residencies for artists to move towards the identity of the "Singapore Sound", especially in the transcultural/world music vein.

  3. Increase the repertoire and unique identity of The Straits Ensemble to promote a Singapore brand of music to overseas markets.

Our fund-raising campaign is supported by the Foundation for the Arts.

I would like to support this programme.
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